Monday, October 24, 2011

Legalize Coca Leaf U.S. White House Petition

Created October 24, 2011!/petition/legalize-coca-leaf-teas-and-beverages-opposed-continually-ensuring-its-perversion-concentrated/85CFl1Zy

Legalize Coca Leaf, teas and beverages, as opposed to continually ensuring its perversion into concentrated cocaine

End the post 1906-1914 disparate treatment for Coca and dilute cocaine that ensures its perversion into problematic concentrated forms of cocaine, while denying the many benefits of Coca Leaf.

Created: Oct 24, 2011
Issues: Agriculture, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, Trade


Unknown said...

Please sign! I am asking for importing coca tea into Canada!

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

An excellent petition, though it should read "concentrated cocaine" when referring to the substance prevalent under prohibition. Coca contains cocaine, as Coffee contains caffeine and Tobacco contains nicotine.