Sunday, October 16, 2011

Harvey Wiley Early U.S. Drug War Bibliography

These are the documents containing the charges against coca and cocaine; please read and review each and the type of 'science' used.

1905 AMA Council on Pharmacy condemns Vin Mariani

1906 Pure Foods & Drugs Act- Tobacco-cigarette protection act- Key Points about the post 1906 demise of Coca
shamelessly promoted by yellow journalism, and USDA prosecutions.

1908 Homes Commission- Tobacco mercantilism against foreign Coca

Habit Forming Agents Their Indiscriminate Sale and Use a Menace to the Public Welfare,
especially when regarding Tobacco.

Note their occurrence against the timeline of the U.S. taking control of the Panama construction project, which ended and opened in 1914- the same year of the U.S. Harrison Narcotics Act banning Coca- the canal's opening drastically shortening the shipping of Coca leaves from Peru's Pacific coast to North Atlantic markets.

Also note such timeline regarding the 2nd time the Vatican summoned Vin Mariani creator Angelo Francois Mariani to be awarded a golden Papal medal as a benefactor of humanity for making Coca available to the world

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