Monday, October 24, 2011

Prohibitionist Chickenshits

From Time 4 Hemp's Capser Leitch:

I have tried to get opponents of re-legalizing Marijuana well as other opponents of re-legalizing marijuana. The most recent was an invitation to Judy Cushing, who was speaking on the local news about how awful marijuana is. She stated it was bad for the brain; destructive to health; and was the root cause of crime. She is the president and CEO of and seemed to be dedicated to outlawing marijua - and since she was seeking the attention of the media, the below exchange occurred between her people and me (no, she wouldn't even take the time to address my request herself - lol)...please feel free to share this with everyone you feel would enjoy it!

ATTN: Judy Cushing, please be a guest on my LIVE radio show, it's called 'Time 4 Hemp - LIVE' and it airs every M-F from 10-11a.m. on and has a listening audience of over a million people around the world. Past guests include Congressman Barney Frank; Sen. Mike Gravel; Gov. Gary Johnson; Ethan Nadelmann (founder of the Drug Policy Alliance); Keith Stroup (founder of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws); and David Boaz (founder of the CATO Institute).

After seeing you on the local news (I live in Portland) I thought it would be of benefit to my audience to hear why it is you and your organization feel that marijuana is destructive to the community and to the individual who uses it.

You struck me as an excellent voice of opposition to address this issue and help to give a balance viewpoint of this topic on the show.

If you or someone from were to agree to be a guest on the show, I would want to have Paul Stanford as a co-host on that segment to allow for a well-rounded discussion. Paul also lives in Portland.

To learn more about me you can Google my name or the name of the series as well as visit my website and to learn more about Paul Stanford, you can visit or Google his name.

If, for some reason, you would rather have a different co-host for this segment, I can arrange to have Ethan Nadelmann or Keith Stroup as the co-host instead.

I look forward to your reply and hope you find joy in your day.


Casper Leitch
Host/Creator: Time 4 Hemp

Dear Mr. Leitch,

Thank you for inviting Judy Cushing to appear on your program. However Oregon Partnership is declining your invitation.


Tom Parker
Communications Director
Oregon Partnership
5100 SW Macadam Avenue Suite 400
Portland, OR 97239-3854

Main: 503.244.5211
Direct 971.244.1375
Cell: 503.890.7473

"Oregon Partnership - Preventing substance abuse and suicide."

Military Helpline: 1-888-457-4838

Dear Tom Parker;

OK - I'm not surprised since it is impossible to defend your position and to attempt to do so would only make you look foolish. The message you bring to the public is one that can only be presented WITH OUT an opposing viewpoint. With that said, I will be airing sound bites from past remarks you've made on radio and television and quoting statements you've posted on your website to allow my guests to discuss the messages you are bringing to the public. Do keep in mind that I did offer you the chance to appear in person on my program to represent yourselves and the inept propaganda that you attempt to present as facts.

It the 20-years that I've done this series, no one has ever come on to the show to dispute what I present which is: Prohibition is a failure. Medical Marijuana needs to be available to those who need it. The 50,000 different products that can be made from this plant would create jobs and generate a strong tax base. We can free ourselves from being dependent on foreign oil by growing hemp for fuel. It's silly to arrest people for touching a plant. Instead of making taxpayers cover the cost of arresting and jailing people for touching a plant, we need to regulate the plant and let it produce a tax revenue for this country to pay it's debts.

I've invited the Attorney General of the United States, of the state of Washington, the state of Oregon and the state of California to be a guest on the show - and they don't have the courage to be a guest - I really didn't think anyone in your organization truly had the backbone to come on the show either....but, I did want to give you the chance to be on the show before I and my guests began to dispel the false information you continue to present as facts.

Should you be able to find anyone who can defend you point of view on this topic and wish to have them on my show, keep in mind that I'm on the air 5-days a week and I will definitely be able to find a spot for them.

My invitation will be extended to you publicly today on my show, and - every now and then, my guests and I will take a quote from your site or one of your members who have recently spoken AT the press and discuss it. (Notice I said, "...spoken AT the press..." - that's because you refuse to DISCUSS with the press you point of view. You are only willing to have a sit-down interview with people who just say "YES - that's wonderful" to everything you say....but then again, your point of view on this topic has no true grounding in facts.)

Most sincerely,

Casper Leitch

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