Saturday, October 15, 2011

What the DPA Should Cover


Switchover to safer forms and modes of drugs- Coca for concentrated cocaine; Opium for concentrated opiates. Iboga and Ibogaine for therapeutic uses from low dose stimulant to high dose addiction and or psycho-spiritual treatment

Switchover to safer modes of currently licit drugs, particularly Tobacco- such as 25 mg "one-hitter" pipes as a substitute for cigarettes.

Elimination of the Sweatheart No Labeling of ingredients break for Tobacco products and alcoholic beverages- ALL consumables should be labeled to added ingredients at the point of retail transaction - aka on each can and bottle of liquids, and upon each pack of cigarettes -- or are otherwise adulterated and misbranded.

Consistency of Labeling of main active psychoactive ingredients- cocaine content of Coca, caffeine content of Coffee, etc, nicotine content of Tobacco etc., per semi dried material or fluid ounce, and not simply by some 'FTC' method of an artificial replication that may be widely variable.

Full right of untaxed home cultivation and consumption, with normal sales tax upon full commercial operations.

Development of policy based upon actual impairment or enhancement regardless of the substance with rebut-table rather than per se standards.

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