Monday, October 10, 2011

Obama Racketeering For Big Pharm

Dana Beal 2009 Protest at AG Holder's Covington & Burling at 1201 Pennsylvania Avenue NW- from ANTIGONE

U.S. President Obama, and his U.S. 'Justice' Department headed by AG Eric Holder continuing to work against herbal Cannabis to protect potential markets in the Pharmaceutical alternative of Sativex.

They are bringing prosecutorial pressure upon businesses in States that have legalized some medicinal uses of Cannabis.

As Dr. Lester Grinspoon noted, maintaining the ban on herbal Cannabis (Marijuana) is critical for protecting markets in Sativex.

From Drug War Rant:
Some coverage of the recent federal crackdown

Federal crackdown on medical pot sales reflects a shift in policy (LA Times)

“They’re wasting money they don’t have,” [Sen. Mark] Leno said. “This is not the issue of the day. This doesn’t create jobs. This does not keep the security of the nation intact. It doesn’t clean the environment.”

U.S. targets pot suppliers who profit in state (SFGate)

Prosecutors target California’s marijuana trade

Kevin Sabet, former senior adviser at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, said that marijuana legalization advocates had “misread the tea leaves” when they predicted that Obama would be friendly to their policies.

US: California pot crackdown targets large dispensaries (MSNBC)

As for using marijuana as medicine, Sabet said the proper path should be one where components of marijuana are studied and possibly approved by the Food & Drug Administration for use in pharmaceuticals.

Judge rules for pot dispensaries as feds threaten major crackdown

“This really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The administration is simply making good on multiple threats issued since President Obama took office,” said Kevin Sabet, a former adviser to the president’s drug czar.
What about the possible elephant in the living room that may be found with an inquiry within the powerhouse Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, D.C. law firm where Holder served as a pharmaceutical industry legal representative, Covington & Burling?

Holder - Breuer Law Firm Long Involved With Drug Policy

Covington & Burling's Continuing Involvement With Drug Policy Organizations
Longtime Tobacco-Pharmaceutical Legal Powerhouse

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