Monday, March 31, 2008

Angelo Francois Mariani Dies and the U.S. Enacts the Harrison 'Narcotics' Tax Act Effectively Banning Coca and Opiates

Angelo Mariani's Neuilly-sur-Seine Coca Salon Ceiling Painting
by Eugene Courbin
The Goddess Bringing the Coca Branch to Europe

The U.S.'s last bottle of Vin Mariani?

Mariani dies April 1, 1914
U.S. President Woodrow Wilson signs into law the Harrison Act December 17, 1914 (Mariani's 1st post death birthday anniversary)

Mariani's complex located in
Neuilly-sur-Seine with the Coca Salon was demolished cir. 1947 or 1948; the status of this Coca Goddess ceiling painting is unknown.

I would be quite interested in seeing this painting. Surely at least a full photo exists.

Angelo Mariani's Coca Salon

Villa Mariani
Valescure, Southern France
where Angele Mariani died
April 1, 1914

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