Saturday, March 29, 2008

Coca and the U.S. Navy

From my unpublished manuscript "Coca- Forgotten Medicine"

The United States Navy acknowledged Coca wine's usefulness via Dr. William Van Reypen, Surgeon General of the U.S. Navy under William McKinley’s issuing on the U.S. hospital ships Solace and Relief. With Coca traditionally used in combating nausea at high Andean altitude conditions, such plant-based pharmacological benefits were adoptable to a wider range of applications, including sea-sickness.

As such Coca became widely recognized by doctors and patients as beneficial for convalescents, as a general rejuvenative useful for aiding a patient's recovery, and for more- quite often as a Coca Wine. According to Dr. P.S. Cooper, a general practitioner from in Cincinnati Ohio, his preferred Coca preparation was
"a tonic stimulating nutrition and muscular energy."
Basing this view upon having prescribed for more than 4 years, Cooper also wrote that the Coca Wine was
"invaluable in the nausea of pregnancy; its effect in nursing women being galactopoietic."
Vin Mariani was issued by the U.S. Navy and endorsed by it's surgeon general under U.S. President William McKinley, Dr. William Van Reypen.

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