Friday, March 28, 2008

Drug 'Warriors' Ignore Pharmacokinetics and thus Promote Drug Abuse

"Pharmacokinetics is the study of the distribution and fate of drugs within the organism: how they enter the body, move through it, interact with their target organs, and are finally eliminated. Pharmacologists now know that how a drug is administered and the rate of its increase of
concentration in the blood and in the target organs are critical determinants of its effects -- more critical than the size of the dose. Small doses of drugs introduced directly and rapidly into the blood and brain may produce much more dramatic and toxic effects than large doses
introduced indirectly and slowly. Of the many ways that human beings have found to put cocaine into their brains, holding a quid of coca in the mouth is, pharmacokinetically, the safest, while inhaling the vapors of freebase or crack cocaine is the most dangerous.

Instead drug 'warriors' disregard this as if the pronouncements of criminal apostate governments -- such as the legislative criminals in places as Virginia and New York -- take precedence, and could make 'Virginia' bright Leaf coffin nails as safe, as say, Marijuana.

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