Friday, March 28, 2008

Criminal Mercantilism: Public Health Subversion

Banning Cannabis (Marijuana)- described by a U.S. DEA judge (of all people) as one of the safest substances known

Banning Coca Leaf- described by doctors Weil and Siegel as one of, if not the safest stimulants.

Banning Opiates- physically addictive but not intrinsically debilitating

Pushing 'Virginia' Bright Leaf Tobacco- which had the useful natural psychedelic properties removed so it could be inhaled deeply to promote physical addiction and all sorts of diseases leading to premature death

Adopting a scheme favoring patentable synthetics with generally greater toxicity over natural herbs that can't be patented- thus decreasing safety and increasing costs.

Such policies are the mark of governments that can not be honestly seen as ethical nor Christian, but rather as illegitimate.

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